• Alerts processing queue upgrade.
  • New sites added, affiliates, and advertising.
  • Front Page product highlights, Global Search
  • Major UI upgrades, mobile focus.


  • Site Maintenance
  • Added double-check to Prec Reloading in-stock
  • Added .338 bullets
  • Developed Affil Links


  • Added Bruno Shooters Supply: primers, powder, rifle bullets (berger) and Lapua Brass. Done!
  • User request: Add 300-WIN-MAG, 300-WSM, 6.5PRC to ammo selections. Done!
  • Add the overpriced primers @ Target Sports. Done!
  • Add rifle bullets from Precision Reloading. Done!
  • Add: Diamond K Brass (requested by Diamond K rep) Completed!
  • Have several feature requests from users for this month:
  • Add: .22 WMR's ( Completed! : 22 WMR's )
  • Add: 38/357 bullets (Completed for Midsouth, Montana Gold, Precision Delta, SNS, Xtreme Bullets, Blue Collar)
  • User Request, Add: 25 cal bullets, ex: Berger 133gr & 135. Done!
  • Expand/bug-fix 6mm / 6.5mm minor issues Completed!

Lots of site updates:
Rifle bullets from Precision Reloading
Added .22WMR's, 38/357 bullets, 25-Cal bullets, and some 6mm/6.5mm fixes.
Added Diamond K Brass site items to list/notifications.
Started DEV work on advertising structure.

Site alerts via Telegram app!
This is a major speed improvement for receiving alerts

Completed manual spam compliance review with AWS. As a result, dramatically improved our sending burst rate to get notifications out faster!

Full server migration / upgrade. Moving 2x faster now!
Telegram delivery for notifications in testing mode, full release soon!
Working through issues with AWS emails (manual spam review from them)

Added in-stock logging history
Improved checks for powder valley's outdated cache data
Added site/items precisionreloading.com
Added bluecollarreloading.com
Added 458 bullets
Added .270 bullets

Added new calibers (bullets) from Powder Valley.
Added 7mm bullets: Brownells, Grafs, Midsouth, Midway, Powder Valley
Allow users to turn on notifications on already in-stock items
Fix for Midsouth rifle primers

Precision Delta products added.
Also added check for text numbers to filter out when users include unnecessary number formatting (-)

Updated items list to allow notifications on already in-stock items. Bug-fix for Midsouth rifle primers.

Lots of additions over the last 2 months: brass category, black powder, 6.5mm & 30-Cal bullets, .224, more ammo listings, UI updates, etc.

Added Shotshell (209) primers to notifications!
Shotshell Primers

More Mobile layout / UI updates.

Some layout / UI updates. Initial push was just to get a working prototype, now trying to smooth out the user experience a little.

Fix for Powder Valley. They were incorrectly listing some powders as in-stock on their list page when in fact they had none of the options in stock. So I put in a fix to handle their UI display bugs.

Added shop.hodgdon for powders, and fixed a couple sites to make sure were pulling in correct info.

A user pointed out that both Natchez and Grafs didn't have rifle primers listed. Good catch! That fix is going in immediately.

First blog entry!
West FL Steel Challenge Championship

Worked on auto-posting to Reddit. Two subreddits, r/InStockPowder and r/InStockPrimers
ShootingBot's built in email/text is still a better way to setup specific alerts (and faster to receive), but for those on Reddit it's a handy way to see in-stock updates.

Under the Account/Username menu, added "My Alert Items" :
Verify which notifications you are currently subscribed to, and remove if want to.

Improvements to the messages for creating accounts. Had some feedback on situation where error messages were confusing. Also added ability to have the activation/confirmation email resent in cases when it may have gotten lost in the dreaded spam box and needs to be sent again.

Had some updates for Midway, they changed their format. Bot crawler updated to handle.

Doing some updates to verify price and per round price (for ammo). There was a significant number of items that didn't calc the per round, so an update was needed to double-checks those situations. Has been a little time consuming, but nearly finished.

Finished several days of refactoring the crawler bot. Pulling in both prices and quantity/price per round (for ammo) from all sites. A couple have very inconsistent coding that presented some challenges. Overall it is working well. We also hit 10,000 site/item combinations being checked. UI was also updated to display both cost and /per round cost (when available).

Working on pulling in pricing info (and for ammo, pricing per round).
Initially, sole focus was just finding anything in stock. But prices are also always useful info, so adding that to the crawler bot algo.

I am teaching at the Intro to Steel Challenge class at Volusia County Gun Club on July 11th,
assuming this hurricane goes through without any major flooding over here.

Added Impact Guns website.
Added .380, 38 Special, 357 Mag ammo from multiple sites we are tracking.

Site is officially live! Also, added LAXammo.com for both pistol and rifle ammo.

Some relatively minor tweaks to layout and info pages, started a FAQ page.

Fixed a bug in notifications related to redis updates. Some alerts failed to be sent out.
Added multiple items for TargetSports, Palmetto & Brownells.

Added Ammo: 308 WIN, 300 Blackout, 6.5 Creedmoor for sites: Midway, Ammofast, Palmetto State, Federal Premium, Atlanta Arms
Added semi & bolt-action rifles from Midway & Palmetto State (308, 6.5, 9mm, 300 Blackout)

Added filter (under Settings) to allow removing specific websites from Items page search results.

Expanded Redis cache layer, moving as much off the database connections as possible for speed and server load efficiency.

Added site cci-ammunition.com for .22's and federalPremium.com for 9mm, .40, .45, & 5.56 rifle
Also added ammofast.com with .22, 9mm, .40, .45, & 5.56 rifle ammo

User Settings updates completed. Can update username and turn on/off notification settings. Including getting alerts by Email, Text, or Both.

Added a process to hit the Site Status page and parse a JSON response. Any NO-GO alerts shown there will trigger email & text msg warning so aware of any issues as quickly as possible. This is just for ADMIN usage to keep the site running smoothly.

Added REDIS cache layer to UI. Items and user subscriptions completely separated from database layer Significant speed + lower load on database advantages.

Fixed issues with Freedom Munitions and Natchez. Both had data pull issues that were detected by the new status page.

Added site status page, check for system processes and site data pulls. Mostly an admin usage page, but publicly viewable to see if site is running correctly.

Added SNS bullets notifications in 9mm & .40

Added Rifles category, initially only with .22 caliber from Midway. Will build up more as get requests.

Twitter API active, auto tweeting in-stock items. Slight delay, website users get alerts before the tweets post.

Looking at connecting to twitter api, so in-stock items will also auto tweet.