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June 2024 DEV Roadmap

  • Added in a parts category and started with a few misc 2011 items
  • Extreme Store: Added, a long-range specialty store out of Oregon.
  • Republic Ammunition: Working on primers/powder.
  • American Reloading: Added primers. Smaller shop, prices include ship/haz.
  • Armorally: Added their primers, powder, brass into our system. To be honest, some of their prices are on the high side. But, they do sometimes have some hard to find items, so it's an option.
  • Added in 410 Hulls (smaller selection so far, will expand)
  • F-Class John put out a video on SHOOTINGBOT. He has an excellent Website & YouTube. It's a great review/tutorial. One note, the video was actually taken in 2022, so our site looks a lot better these days!