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March 2024 DEV Roadmap

  • Continuing to add more Ammo listings into our system. #1 task
  • Added in H2 Creations, a long-range/F-class shop. They're small, but legit.
  • Completed 16-Gauge (shotgun-ammo, hulls, wads)
  • Added Primers and Powder from Blue Collar Reloading into system.
  • Added in percussion caps for muzzle/black powder
  • Republic Ammunition: Looking at bringing in for primers/powder.
  • American Reloading: Looking at bringing in for primers/powder.
  • F-Class John put out a video on SHOOTINGBOT. He has an excellent Website & YouTube. It's a great review/tutorial. One note, the video was actually taken in 2022, so our site looks a lot better these days!