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May 2022 DEV Roadmap
  • Primarily Admin / Maintenance / Performance improvements.
  • If time, will get to adding more sites/items as well.
  • User request : add Everglades Ammo

April was another BIG Dev Month:
  • Added Bruno Shooters Supply: primers, powder, rifle bullets (berger) and Lapua Brass. Done!
  • User request: Add 300-WIN-MAG, 300-WSM, 6.5PRC to ammo selections. Done!
  • Add the overpriced primers @ Target Sports. Done!
  • Add rifle bullets from Precision Reloading. Done!
  • Add: Diamond K Brass (requested by Diamond K rep) Completed!
  • Have several feature requests from users for this month:
  • Add: .22 WMR's ( Completed! : 22 WMR's )
  • Add: 38/357 bullets (Completed for Midsouth, Montana Gold, Precision Delta, SNS, Xtreme Bullets, Blue Collar)
  • User Request, Add: 25 cal bullets, ex: Berger 133gr & 135. Done!
  • Expand/bug-fix 6mm / 6.5mm minor issues Completed!
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    Revisit the item list pages on occasion. If change/add a product, it will show up as a new item that you may want to add to your notifications!