Shooting BOT: How it Began

About shootingBot

I shoot a little USPSA, and a lot of Steel Challenge. As a web/database developer I started checking a few sites I normally purchase from to send myself in-stock notifications.

After a few requests from friends, I started refactoring the code in order to make it publicly available and I fully believe it's turned into the best in-stock search engine available.

Why use shooting bot?

I'm actively developing and improving the site every day. If thousands of people are looking to find an item like large rifle primers, you can get one of the first in-stock notifications, or one of the last. We always try to be the first!

ShootingBOT Keys:

  • Parallel tests: Shooting Bot alerts are very consistent and almost always faster. Significantly and verifiable.
  • Alerts via Email, Text, or Telegram App (the fastest)
  • UI is easy to understand / search / setup your notifications.
  • Select exactly what you are looking for, no extra alerts on items you aren't actually interested in.
  • No limits on notifications and always free.
  • Alerts stay active until you turn them off, so you don't miss any.
  • Transparency: Bot takes a timestamp & screenshot of every alert trigger so can verify was in-stock, or if the bot messed up.
  • Logs every user alert, so you can verify that your account is active and working.
  • I'm a reloader & competitive shooter. I make sure the site works because I'm actively using it myself!
  • If you contact me I will normally get back to you the same day.

Bugs / Feature Requests

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