Notifications via Telegram!
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You will need to login to get your actual telegram code displayed on this page!

Telegram app is our top pick for incoming alerts

  • More reliable than texts
  • Faster than emails
  • Will not get lost into spam folder
  • Telegram will almost always arrive first!
  • Free & very well established App

If you already have telegram, setup will take seconds.


Don't have telegram installed on your phone?

It's fairly easy, only takes a few minutes. After setup, just search for our bot and follow the instructions above.
Tip: Like most apps, it wants to connect you with all of your contacts that are also on Telegram. This is fine, but if you want to avoid that and be a little more private then just tell it not to sync contacts during setup. Then, also go into Settings -> Privacy/Security and turn off Sync Contacts.

Telegram: Google Play / Android

Telegram: Apple / Iphone