Steel Challenge Beginner Myths

Steel Challenge Beginner Myths

Greg Kerce goes through some of the issues facing new shooters looking to get into Steel Challenge.

I'm one of the Intro class instructors here at Volusia. Greg is 100% right, steel challenge can be highly competitive, but it's also a super friendly competition format. If you are new, we will help you get on track. If you plan on shooting USPSA / IDPA, steel challenge is an excellent first step. Highly recommend it for most newer shooters before jumping into the deep end of the pool with run-and-gun. If your club happens to have an Intro class like ours, it's an excellent idea to take. But, if it's not available, just find a match. As long as you are solid with your gun safety, you will have fun!

This was another excellent video from our partners @ Spittin' Brass


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